Friday, July 03, 2015

June Earnings

Writing - £127.19

Article Writing - £121.98

Digital Point Forum Article Sales - £5.21

Book Sales - £46.30

Amazon Book Sales - £46.30

Other - £29.55

Quidco - £25.86

Search Lotto - £0.59

Blog Articles - £3.10

Making a Grand Total of £203.04

Monday, June 01, 2015

May Earnings

Writing - £249.27

Article Writing - £238.83

Digital Point Forum Article Sales - £10.44

Book Sales - £11.16

Amazon Book Sales - £11.16

Other - £9.20

Quidco - £2.82

Search Lotto - £0.18

Blog Articles - £6.20

Making a Grand Total of £269.63

Monday, May 18, 2015

More Money Coming My Way!

I use the search lotto search engine, which means that you can get free lotto and euromillions lottery tickets if you search the right number of times before the draw. The search engine works well and most weeks I get at least 3 lottery entries. You are entered as part of a twenty person syndicate who all share one ticket, which is free and so prizes are split 20 ways. This does mean the prizes can be low but it gives you free chances to win money. I won again last week, this time just £0.18 has been put in my Paypal account. However, considering I am just searching like normal and have a chance of winning a much bigger amount, I think that it is well worth it.

I have also had £30 cashback from Money Saving Expert cheap energy club. I switched energy provider form British Gas to Sainsburys Energy which is predicted to save me £250 a year anyway and got £30 cashback too. I normally use Quidco for my cashback site, but they did not offer an incentive for switching to Sainsburys Energy so I took advantage of this offer instead. If you use my referral link here for Quidco then I will give you £2.50 of the £5 referral reward that I get from them, once you earn £5 worth of cashback. Quidco will automatically pay it to your account once you have earned the required amount - so why not click here to find out more.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Keeping Hobby Spending Low

Having just had a birthday and received art things for my new hobby, I am aware of how much it could cost to start one. Potentially it is easy to spend out a lot of money buying things for beginners in any area, to then find that enthusiasm wanes and the money spent was wasted. It is therefore really important to make sure that you buy things sensibly.

You could buy items that can be sold if they are not used much so that you can recoup some of the value. You could buy cheaper things such as these beginners strings for newbs. You could rent things, if possible to try out before you buy. It is wise to start out with a few things and make sure that your hobby does develop into one that you will continue with in the long term so that you do not overspend. You will also find that as you get more experienced in the area that your new hobby is, you will have a better idea of exactly what items you need and these may be different to what you first thought. So be careful when spending do it in small amounts and in slow stages so that you have no reason to regret any purchases that you have made.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

April Earnings

Writing - £194.96

Article Writing - £185.34

Digital Point Forum Article Sales - £9.62

Book Sales - £69.18

Amazon Book Sales - £9.93

Smashwords - £59.25

Other - £6.95

Quidco - £1.33

Search Lotto - £0.32

Clixsense - £5.28

Found money - £0.02

Making a Grand Total of £271.09

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Free Postcode Lottery

I have just joined the free postcode lottery website. Just register by entering your postcode and email address and visit the site each day to see whether you have won. You have to go to the site to check and claim your prize or else your prize is rolled over to the next day. You get a 1p bonus every day that you visit the site which will be added to your winnings if you do win a prize. The current prize is £100 a day and their are extra prizes too. It is free as the prizes are subsidised by the advertising on the site and you may have to answer a question to reveal the winning postcode. It is well worth a look and Money Saving Expert have recommended it so it must be genuine!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

New Beginnings

I always feel like the new tax year is like a new beginning for me. I have an opportunity to earn a nice chunk of money during the year. March is always a high earner for me, I think because people want to spend money at the end of the tax year and also because I am spurred on to get my yearly profits up. I also have a long month as I always include my earnings up until the end of the 5th April in March so that it makes doing my end of year accounts easier. I did those this morning, so I know that I had an unimpressive year earnings wise although I did contribute something and spent quite a bit of time giving the children extra schooling so that was certainly worthwhile. I have plans to buckle down with some hard work once they are back at school until the summer holidays when I will be schooling them again.

I have discovered that I can write articles and then sell them on digital point forums. It does not earn me as much money as when customers request articles but fills in the time between jobs and is quick to do as I can write about whatever I wish. I have one customer that is putting a lot more work my way and with the NASCAR season starting again I write about that for one customer too. Now the weather is better, I also feel more inspired to get fitter so I hope to do more walking as well, which will hopefully give me thinking time to inspire me to write. I must take a note book with me though!

Lastly I will be working hard on cutting unnecessary spending. I have already started using the tumble dryer less and switched our gas and electric supplier to save money. I need to cut down spending on things like magnetic sports bracelets so that I can really work hard on making sure I get my goal of £9,000 paid off the mortgage by the end of the year. It should be doable but I will need to be careful, focussed and work hard. Hopefully I may even be able to pay off more. The aim is to get as much saved up to pay it off as possible, before interest rates go up. With the uncertainty of the election it is hard to predict what might happen especially if a new party get elected and they decide to set the rates instead of leaving the decision with the Bank of England.

Best get working.....!

March Earnings

Writing - £224.81

Article Writing - £185.43

Digital Point Forum Article Sales - £39.38

Book Sales - £80.23

Amazon Book Sales - £80.23

Other - £243.04

Quidco - £61.14

Waterproof memo board sales - £118.54

Search Lotto - £0.16

YouGov - £50.00

Clixsense - £13.20

Making a Grand Total of £548.08