Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Should I Switch to Wordpress

Picture by Phil Oakley
I am still contemplating whether to switch over to a Wordpress Blog. I think it could be a lot of work but there are many advantages:

- Easier to use pictures in blog posts which people seem to like
- Looks more modern and sleek
- I need to know how to use it better for as most of my customers want me to know how to publish things on it
- Has more widgets and can do a lot more.

However, I am worried about doing so for the following reasons:

- Search engines may lose me
- I may lose all my data in transferring it
- I may not be able to advertise on it in the same way I do now
- I will lose all my traffic stats data as that is tied to Blogger

I will not be doing anything about this until the children finish their half-term holiday which should hopefully give me enough time to weigh up my options.

Monday, February 15, 2016

How Much Money Have I Made So Far?

Photo by ptmoney.com
I suspect that there are people out there interested in knowing how much money I have made since working for myself and mainly earning online. I have not actually worked things out myself so it will be an interesting exercise for me as well.

Firstly, my income. This is form all online earnings such as freelance writing, buying and selling books, advertising form my blogs, selling waterproof memo boards and other income. This is only my taxable income, so does not include things like cashback, lotto wins and premium bond wins. We will deal with those separately as my accounts have a nice easy earnings figure of £27, 576.75. This is from 2003 onwards and doesn't seem huge, but we can add to that.

Cashback has mainly come from Quidco and according to their website I have earned £798.64.

My lotto wins have been very small and probably only about £3.

I decided to start investing in premium bonds as a result of my money journey and so I count my winnings and my husbands as income as I decided on doing it as an investment. That has raised £1975.

Then there were the solar panels. I decided to invest in those after doing a series of calculations. I can estimate that I have saved £30 a month in electricity on top of the FIT payments I have received. That has added up to £2160 + £3050

My husband often says that childcare costs should be included in my income as if I worked outside of the home we would be paying for these as well. I am not sure if I agree with him, but just for the numbers I thought that it would be interesting to calculate. It was tricky to know how to calculate it but I averaged a figure of £80,000.

I was hoping that it might all add up to quite an impressive amount but actually it is just £115563.39.

Considering that £80k of that is savings rather than earnings then it is really just £35563.39. Still sounds quite a bit until you divide it by the number of years that I have been working online, which is thirteen and dividing it to see the yearly income makes just £2736. I guess I should take into consideration that I have been working part-time, enjoying quality time with my family and saving additional money on work clothes and commuting. I have also really enjoyed by money making adventure and it is by no means over. I need to find ways of making more money if I want to hit my target of a million, but all income is still better than none. With that money we have managed to afford to invest in solar panels and premium bonds meaning we can get an income from some of our money and are closer to paying off our mortgage than we woudl have been had I earned nothing.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Advantages of Making Money Online

In the past I have often had people telling me that I would make a lot more money if I worked outside of the home, perhaps in an office or a supermarket. They are probably right, especially as being self-employed means that you have no pension, sick pay, maternity pay, holiday pay or regular income. However, for me it has been a fantastic thing to do for many reasons.

No set working hours
Having the flexibility of no set working hours has been really great for me. It would be difficult to get used to having to work set hours again after so many years of not doing so. I think that being able to go where I want when I want so that I can shop and visit people when I like is so fantastic. There are disadvantages as you can end up working evenings and weekends, but i feel that this is a small price to pay.
Get properly rewarded for hard work
I feel that my hard work is properly rewarded working for myself. I can see the pattern in that the harder I work, the more return I get. i think that this can be rare if you work in industry as efforts are often not noticed or rewarded.
In control of what you do
I love being in control of what I do. this means that i am able to decide exactly what I do and when. If I do not like particular customers, I can just refuse to work for them. If I do not like certain types of work, I will not take it on. There is never this flexibility when working for an employer.
Can be at home with the children
The fact that I can be home in holidays, before and after school and when my children are unwell means the world to me. I started working from home before they were born, which means that I had a well established business and working pattern. This suited me really well and meant that I could continue with it and always be there for them. Even if I do not earn very much, my husband appreciates the fact that we do not have to pay for a child minder. He also appreciates that I have the time to cook them healthy meals from scratch, make him a healthy lunch and clean the home.

Monday, February 08, 2016

How I Make Money From my Writing

As a freelance writer, I make most of my money from my writing. This comes from various sources.

Freelance Writing
Along the way I have picked up a number of customers which ask me to write articles for their websites, blogs or forums. They tend to send me work on an adhoc basis, but this can add to my monthly income. I find them either through personal recommendations or the site below.

DP Forum

This is a forum where you can buy and sell items including articles. I tend to write fun articles and put them up for sale here. I sell them a bit cheaper than my going rate and sometimes pick up regular customers or otherwise sell articles that have taken me very little time and been fun to write.

Ebook Sales
I have written a selection of ebooks and I sell these on Amazon and other ebook websites. I sell the Amazon ones directly through Amazon and use a website called Smashwords to sell to other ebook sites. I get paid monthly by Amazon and Quarterly from Smashwords. Initially I used to have to pay a lot of US tax on these earnings as Amazon and Smashwords are based in the US. However, I have now managed to get a discompensation form paying the tax from the IRS, after sending a series of documents to them. Thsi was a complicated process but paying 50% tax on my earnings to them and then being taxed in the UK as well, was getting beyond a joke! I have even written a short book on how to fill out all of the documentation to avoid paying the tax!

How UK Residents can stop paying US tax.... by Rachel Henderson

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Making More Advertising Revenue

My next plan for making more money is to try to improve my advertising revenue form Google Adsense on this blog. I used to make a few pounds a day but lately it has been very quiet. I put this down to several things. firstly adblockers block the adverts so this will reduce exposure. I also am adding a lot less content so I am going to be making much more regular updates in the hope that I can keep people coming back for more information. I am also considering a possible move to Wordpress, as I will be able to better categorise articles which I think could be much more useful for readers and make them more likely to look at more pages. However, this costs money, so I am holding off for a bit and thinking it through.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Making Money From Selling Memo Boards

My first way to try to make more money is to improve my websites. I started with looking for hints on how to get higher in search engines to help out someone else. I realise that I am doing mostly okay, but checked out my Waterproof Memo Board website and noticed that it could do with a few improvements. I therefore made a few small changes and sold a board, admittedly through my Amazon shop, within five minutes. This was very positive even if a coincidence!

Friday, February 05, 2016

Money Making Plans

I am really excited at the moment about making a lot more money! Obviously lots of people want to do this but I am looking forward to being able to pay off the mortgage so much at the moment that it is really motivating me! I am working hard on new ideas to make money especially as we have a rood repair to pay for, a service on the car due and have just paid our home insurance, which was extremely pricey as we live next to a river! However, I will keep you informed of all of the things that I am trying out so that if you want to make extra money too, you can have a go as well!