Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jewellery Gifts for Christmas

I doubt there are many people that have no started thinking about Christmas. This may mean that they feel everyone is starting to think about it too early or that they are getting organised with things. Personally I am have been getting organised all year in different ways but am really ramping up things now. I tend not to do gift buying too early as I always spot things later and regret my purchases therefore have been looking around in the last few weeks. One thing that I have noticed is the collection of Joy Jewelers military rings. Some people can be really hard to buy for and even companies which claim to have gifts for everyone may not have anything for them. This site drew my attention as it could have the perfect things for people that have everything. I always thing that it is better to ensure that you buy a gift for people that you know they will either like or find useful and it can be really hard doing this with some people. Therefore this sort of website that has different things that are unusual and cannot be bought just anywhere are ideal.

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Year to Go!

A few calculations have shown me that if we work hard, then we will be mortgage free in a year. This is extremely exciting and it has motivated me to work even harder to try to earn every penny that I can towards it. Whether we choose to pay off the mortgage in a years time, will depend on interest rates and whether we feel the money will make us a better return invested than paying off the loan. Basically we need to calculate the difference between our mortgage interest which is £62 and our return on our investment. Currently that is in premium bonds and the return is variable. This month we won £150 and last month £25 and the month before £75. On average that is £83 a month, which means we are getting back more form that investment than we would save on the mortgage interest if we pay it back. However, there are other considerations as well. Releasing that burden of a mortgage will be great and if interest rates rise, our tracker rate will rise and that will mean we will need to have a bigger return on the investment. We also need to consider that if we pay back the mortgage and leave ourselves no savings, we will have nothing to fall back on should we need it. If we needed a new white good, new car or my husband finds himself out of work, we could be in big trouble. The decision is something I am continuously thinking about but just getting to the situation where I am in the position to be able to make the decision as to whether to pay it off is very exciting.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

October Earnings

Writing - £132.31

Article Writing - £127.10

Selling Articles on DP Forum - £5.21

Book Sales - £42.40

Amazon - £7.73

Smashwords - £34.67

Other - £88.61

Memo Board Sale - £38.32

Search Lotto - £0.29

YouGov - £50.00

Making a Grand Total of £165.32

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Getting Value for Money for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is never cheap and as someone who has embraced frugal living for a very long time I kept mine cheap by inviting very few guests, not having wedding cars, cake or favours and having a cut price dress! However, not everyone wants to cut down quite this much, but it is still completely possible to have a large wedding with all the 'trimmings' without having to spend a fortune. It is just a case of making lots of careful decisions as to how you will spend your budget.

One place where I see people waste a lot of money are wedding favours. These are the little gifts left on tables for the guests to take home as a memento of the day. I see many people not bothering to even pick theirs up and others not appreciating them because they are not well thought out items or they are just things that they do not want. This is why when I saw Favour Warehouse website, I was really excited by it. Not only do they offer some great discounted prices, they also have really imaginative favours. You can choose from edible items, seasonal, rustic, cheap, trendy, personalised or traditional items. This means that you can choose things that you feel your guests will really want to keep or use. These could be chosen on an individual basis for each guest, choose something different for the men and women or you could buy the same thing for everyone. With many choices, it could make it difficult for you to decide what to do, but at least you will know that it will be money well spent because you will be getting good quality items that people will want to take home with them. So if you are planning a wedding and specifically looking for wedding favours, then remember that these guys have the best selection at FavorWarehouse.com.

Monday, October 05, 2015

September Earnings

Writing - £65.72

Article Writing - £59.42

Paid blog articles - £6.30

Book Sales - £20.82

Amazon - £20.82

Other - £78.78

Memo Board Sale - £77.50

Quidco - £1.28

Making a Grand Total of £165.32

Friday, September 11, 2015

School Fair Bargains

It is the school fair tomorrow. I always look forward to this sort of event as I still get thrills if I see a valuable book for sale, which I can buy and sell on and make a profit. This is rare these days, which is why I no longer buy and sell books for a living but I still get that excited feeling when sorting through books and I will be working on the book stall too. I am sure there will be other things too, in the bric-a-brac that some people may find really exciting like a johnny christ style guitar for the chaps, interesting kitchen things for the women and loads of exciting toys for the children! This sort of event is one where I find it very difficult not to spend lots of money as it supports the school my children go to so everything spent is for a good cause. I still have my limits though and try to get good value for money!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

August Earnings

Writing - £268.23

Article Writing - £264.39

Digital Point Forum Article Sales - £3.84

Other - £22.22

Memo Board Sale - £19.17

Quidco - £1.80

Search Lotto - £1.25

Making a Grand Total of £290.45