Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blog Link Exchange

For those of you who are writing blogs and interested in making money from them this is a great opportunity. It is a geat way of driving new traffic to your blog, as well as discovering new blogs and getting higher google page rankings. The idea came from Mack Collier of The Viral Garden Blog who decided to create what he called a z-list. This is a list of blogs, that could be related to yours or might just be ones that you like and post them into an article like I am doing. You do not include your own blog as this is not really in the spirit of the idea (as it came about from good hearted bloggers wanting to help each other out), but it is expected that anyone who uses the idea would put a link to your site in their list. My Z-List
How to Earn Money Blogging - the fantastic blog that had me on it's z-list
Kimiko's Cash Quest- informative money making blog
Recipes for Vegans - my sister's blog
Mike's Money Making Mission - very informative blog
How to Make Money Using MyLot - great if you use MyLot as an income
Money Online - really neat, informative and easy to use site
My referrers Z-List - I have included this as it has lots of relevant links
Sucessful Online Money Making
Work at Home Blog
Blogging for Beginners
How to Make Money Online


Daryl W.T. Lau said...

Here there Rachel... short and sweet post indeed. I pray this catches on like hot fire and benefit everyone involved in the long run. Cheers!

Gold Money said...

Very good sites. I like Kumiko's Cash quest and I am hers every day reader.

You forget to good blogs. I write about them in my blog: Is it worth to steal other bloggers ideas?

please take a look...

valencia said...

Your blog looks very informative.