Friday, February 02, 2007

Day 1 - more challenging than I thought!

I thought my first day would be easy. From reading other people's blogs they seem to just find money lying around in the street to make their first double-up. However, I have just been out and have found nothing! I was looking really hard as well. I wonder if people in the UK just look after their money better! In the US people seem to make money by picking up cans and bottles which they canhand in for recycling and get paid. We can't do that here. I decided that a good first stratedgy would be to go into Oxfam and find something in there to buy and then sell on eBay. I went in and I didn't find anything useful. I found a few books which were more than a pound and bought them to sell on eBay and some other cheaper books which I will hold on to for a bit. If anyone has any ideas to start me off I woudl appreciate it!


Daryl W.T. Lau said...

Hey there Rachel... glad to see that you are taking some action about your interest in making extra money. I salute you and wish you tons of luck with this captivating project.

wolfie34 said...

Hi Rachel

wolfie34 from Mylot here, wishing you every success in making your million!

Great blog, have bookmarked to check your progress and for any hints so I can make my fortune.

Good luck

Rachel said...

Thank you for your encouragement.

Rachel said...
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rgrace said...

I have been doing this for about 3 weeks now. My wife found her starting stake which was a penny on the first day. It took me over a week to find my starting stake but I am up to $1.07 now from one penny. I have several business deals in progress that should at least double my stake. Anyway I am rambling again. You have an amazing blog I will spend hours hear reading your posts. I wish you luck.

A penny for your thoughts?