Sunday, February 18, 2007

Even More ways to Earn

I have been trying out a few more sites to earn money. I have found a PTS site called International Offers and it is owned by the same company as Good Leads Only. It is a similar site where you get paid for signing up to websites. Unlike Good leads Only you do not get paid for signing up there is a minmum withdrawal amount. But it is only $1 for paypal and $0.10 for egold. Good Leads Only is doing great for me still. I now have 40 referrals and have not been doing that much promotion. They currently have some fantastic offers. You can sign up to a poker website and if you deposit $50 Good Leads Only will give you $54 or wager $50 at a casino and get $51. I would have a go myself if I had any money left in my stake! I have also been using another similar site called Quidco. This site only pays out monthly but there are some deals on there which can really earn some good money. I linked before to an article about it and how it all works here. I have been having a go and seem to be building up some money there but it is yet to all be validated and paid. This site takes a while to validate the transactions. I spent £5 on Virgin Games using this site - if you sign up and gamble £5 Quidco will pay you £10. This seemed like a great opportunity so I have spent £5 of my earnings on it. I plan to do a similar thing with my earnings as I receive them as there are lots of similar deals on this website.

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