Thursday, February 08, 2007

How to get your first pound

I have realised that it seems to be the initial stages that are actually harder than the later ones. I have lots of ideas how I can invest money once I have accumulated some but getting some to start is proving slower than I thought. I thought it might be useful to point out some ways of doing it : Good Leads Only- Get paid $2.50 just to signup and there is no minimum withdrawal amount. This could generate your starting £1 stake. MyLot - Get paid for contributing to discussions there is a minimum withdrawal amount of $10. Payout is monthly and it is pretty easy to make at least that much money a month. Adpaid - Get paid for clicking links in emails. Earnings are low but very easy and the minimum withdrawal amount is only $3. YouGov - Get paid for answering interesting surveys. Payment is about 50p per survey and payout is at £50 by cheque. It does take a while but I have been paid twice. Ciao - Earn money by answering surveys. Can withdraw at just £5 and the surveys tend to pay between 50p and £2 each although they aren't that frequent. I have been paid 4 times. To use most of the sites listed above you will need a Paypal account. If you do not have one just click here to sign up. Good luck in finding a way to earn your starting stake!


LFC fan! said...

Hi Rachel,

I have written a small post about your blog in my Make Money from your blog blog.

The link to the post is

Arkad said...

Hi Rachel. It's Arkad here from the Doubler's Den and The Richest Man in Atherstone.

I've really enjoyed reading your blog so far. Keep up the good work.

I'd like to add to your list a cashback website called Quidco for us Brits. By joining gambling websites (bookies, bingo etc.) it is possible to get more money back than you put in - although you can only do it once per company.

I've written an article describing my experience here:

Arkad's Quidco Experience

I'm looking forward to your future posts :)