Saturday, February 03, 2007

How to start

I just realised that most people reading this will not have been lucky enough to have found money to start the project. I do think that it works better if you do not just start with money that you have, but money that you have either made solely for the purpose of this scheme or have found. Then you know that it is a completely risk free process as you have invested no money in it at all. You could of course ask someone to give you the money. You risk them saying no of course or they may want to know why. If you explain what you are doing there is the risk that they tell you it is a silly idea and put you off before you start (as not everyone is as optomistic as me and you) - so approach this option with caution. I would suggest that you could earn some money online. There are websites such as which pays you for taking part in surveys. You get paid when you have earned at least £5. The time it takes to earn this will depend on whether they have relevant surveys for you to answer but I have managed to earn this is a few weeks (answering only about 5 surveys which took 20 minutes each). Yes it does take some time but you do then have £5 to start with not just £1. Another great site is . Where you can take part in discussions and earn money for your responses. They pay out once you have earned at least $10. I have earned nearly $10 in 9 days which I think is pretty good going! There are lots of these types of schemes out there and the good thing is that once you do earn your intial stake for the project, you can continue to earn from them afterwards. It is probably best to ask around to see what people find earns them the most and play around with a few sites to see what is likely to keep your interest and earn you the most. You could of course buy something and then sell it again and use the profits to start the project. EBay is a great site for doing this. If you haven't yet got an eBay account you can sign up or login here. Someone on mylot has recommended a blig creation website. She says that you get paid for every post that you make. This could be a good way of tracking your progress at the same time as getting paid. The website is if you want to take a look. When we out today my husband said that he would find another pound. Funnily enough he did find one. But it was one he saw someone drop and of course he gave it back to them. It just shows that you have to be very specific when you decide to do something - he should have said he would find another pound which he could keep! He also suggested that perhaps I doubled my pound by buying a car. He said that you can buy cars for one pound frm garages which have been taken in part exchange and they don't want to pay for it to be scrapped. I thought this was an interesting idea but not something that I felt like doing. However, I thought that I would share the idea in case anyone thought that they could do it. God luck and please leave me comments to let me know how you found the money to start.

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