Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I have Earn't Some More Money!

Having spent my £5 earnings opening a virgin games account through Quidco my balance was down to £0.02. Yesterday I sold the pencil case on eBay . It sold for £1.99 but once I took away the Paypal and eBay fees I made only £1.40. Initially I was disappointed but then realised that 40% return in 10 days is pretty good! I also drew more money out of GoodLeads Only due to my referrals working hard and them having some new websites that I registered with for free. I drew out a further £1.20. I also drew out of International Offers as I reached the minimum payout level of $1 and wanted to see if they were as quick to pay as GoodLeads Only. They were which is great and I got £0.49 from them. I also recieved a packet of Tooty Frooty sweets. This was from a site called Your Secret Code as far as I can tell it is for UK residents only. It is a PTS site as well and as someone recommended I take a look I signed up and registered on a free website and they sent me a packet of sweets as a reward. You can save up your rewards and get better prizes etc. I am only really interested in earning money but I thought I would mention this one in case anyone is interested. I also had a payout from Ciao from doing some surveys. I received a payment straight into my bank account for £8.36. I am not counting it towards this project as I did the surveys ages ago and had just forgotten to check my account balance and see if it was above the £5 minimum required for withdrawal. I think this site is only open to UK residents but it is a great little earner too. So with it was a great day all in all. I made £3.09 all together taking my new total to £3.11.


Darren said...

Hi Rachel, looks like your progressing really well.

I have just started my goal of starting with nothing and coming out with everything, and have read your story through. It has given me some great ideas!

I have just got started and this morning requested $2.55 from GoodLeadsOnly.

Would you like to trade links?


Anonymous said...

Dont forget to notify us when you start earning good money.
I have put your blog in my favourites and will be checking it from time to time.
I'm impresed with your hard working.

Anonymous said...

I work for yoursecretcode and now http://www.Frugaller.co.uk and would like to point out that money is possible.

Thanks for mentioning us. :)