Friday, February 16, 2007

More Opportunities to Earn

I have been trialing a couple more pay per click email companies. Although I have not made enough to draw anything out yet, as far as I can tell they look good. I thought they would therefore be worth mentioning here. The first is called and the other is called They both seem very similar. You get sent emails, click the paid links and then get paid. They both seem to have pretty low minimum amounts for drawing out earnings and they both pay into Paypal. My earnings from MyLot are also building up nicely. This is a website where you get paid for starting and contributing discussions. It is a great place to get advice and to read about other peoples experiences making money. Discussions can be on any subject so there is always plenty to read and chat about. I have also managed to sign up a lot of referrals for Good Leads Only. I now have 30 level 1 referrals and 5 level 2 referrals and I have earned enough from them to draw out a further £1.06, so thank you to everyone who has signed up. This takes my current balance to £5.01 which is fantastic. Lastly I would like to draw your attention to the Doublers Den Forum. This is a great place to meet other doublers or just read about their experiences or pick up hints.


Akuseru said...

I haven't had very much luck at all with, even though I've been a member for over a month now. I'm still only receiving four ads a day, even though I'm supposedly in the active and super-active groups. I've had much better success with, which is also a paid to read program, but sends a lot of 1-cent emails as well as 0.5-cent emails. The site has a low minimum payout of $1, and I've been paid four times since I joined on January 1 for a total of $5.55. If you'd like to join, I'd appreciate it if you would consider using my referral link above. I'll most likely be joining Good Leads Only under you once I've reviewed the TOS and privacy policy. :)

I do have to thank you for linking to this blog from myLot, too. I never would have found out about doubling one's way to $1 million otherwise!

Rachel said...

I am getting about 10 emails from berrymails per day at the moment. I am also considered to be an 'active' user. I think it may be partly to do with the interests that you click when you sign up.

I will check out the other one sometime though.

Akuseru said...

Hm. It must be just me, then. I'll have to try selecting some other interests and see if that changes anything. :)