Friday, February 23, 2007

News Update

I had a message from Good Leads Only stating that they will no longer be accepting International subscribers, just those from UK, USA, canada and Australia as the type of offers that they have tend to be only open to those countries. They have stated that their sister company International offers is still accepting members from every country. This is a similar site where you pay to register on various websites and there are also some pay to click adverts on the site as well. They have a small minimum payment amount of $1 for Paypal, but I have already made one sucessful withdrawal. On a differen't note I found 28p in two pence pieces today in at some amusements in a town we were visiting. This takes my total to £3.39.


stratz said...

Hey I added you to my link section.. here is my

I will also add you to my other and will review it when you move down my list. But you will have a link from there anyway. hope you can put return links to both of them.

many thanks.

stratz said...

And I also think I will sign up for goodleads from your site too. it looks real.

Akuseru said...

I just signed up for GoodLeadsOnly under you, too. I would have done it sooner, but I totally spaced it until this morning. Thanks for signing up for aPairOf under me!