Saturday, March 24, 2007

Find a Penny, pick it up.....

....and all Through the day, you'll have Good Luck. You may have guessed that I found a penny today - under the table in the pub where we had lunch. It reminded me that I haven't updated this blog lately with news of my earnings. I have been recieving my payments into Mediadollarz due to signing up to the one day trials that I mentioned in a previous article. I spent some of it playing bingo this morning. My son was awake between 4am and 6am and he was happily watching TV so I looked on Quidco to find out if there were any good cashback offers. For opening an account with Littlewoods Bingo and depositing £10, Littlewoods gave me a further £10 in my account. I also get £10 cashback through Quidco. I won the last game I played and receive £5.56. Unfortunately you need £10 to make a withdrawal so I had to gamble it again and lost. This means that I broke even. Therefore, despite my large drawings from Mediadollarz I have only a small balance of £2.44. This is due to my spending on one million friends and my bingo stake. Hopefully Quidco will pay me some of my cashback at the end of this month!

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