Wednesday, March 28, 2007 - new website is a website still in pre-launch. It will launch on the 20th May and you will be able to earn money by doing paid offers, searching the web with their surfbar and watching advertisements. You will also get 10% of anything your referrals make. In these initial stages they are paying $5 per referral (and pay into Paypal, eGold or Moneybookers) and say that on launch day you will be able to cashout any money you have made. They say that they are offering this as they have a goal to get 400,000 members by their launch date. As they are new, I have no proof that they will pay but I figure it is worth signing up, promoting it in the article and seeing what happens. With a minimum payout of just $1, I should be able to cashout if I just get one referral. I figure it is worth a gamble! If you fancy signing up and taking a gamble too please click here.

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