Saturday, March 03, 2007

GoodLeads Only

As GoodLeads Only has been my best money maker so far I thought it was about time I explained a bit more about how the site works. The site is just open to residenst from UK, USA, AUS & Canada. Once you have registered you can validate your registration by giving your telephone number. You will have an automated call back and have to confirm a code you have been given. Once you have done this you get your first $2.50 credited into your account. You then have the opportunity to make more money by registering with websites. Some you have to buy things from but there are many were registration is free. The best thing about this site is that you can draw out any amount of money at any time and it gets paid into Paypal or eGold the same day. i have done this over hald a dozen times now even for amounts less than $0.50. It is fantastic. They have several more incentives on the site at the moment. For the top ten earning members, for the ten members who complete the most tasks and for the ten members who sign up the most referrals there are cash prizes. They have also introduced a new point earning scheme this month where on completing a task, you not only get paid in cash but also with some points. You can exhange points for great prizes such as ipods. In conclusion I would urge everyone reading this to join up and please sign up under my referral, by clicking here, to help my chances in the competition. Thank you so much and good luck with winning a prize yourself.

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