Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Great Start to the Month

I have had a great start to March. Through the site Quidco.com I signed up with William Hill and placed a bet using £5 of my stake money. I won the bet - the first bet I have ever made!! The odds were low so I only won £7 but I am still very happy. Especially as Quidco will also pay me £10 for opening the account with William Hill. I have not yet been paid by Quidco but there does seem to be a 2 or more month delay in receiving payments. But I joined it good faith based on the following article from a fellow blogger, so I am confident that I will soon be earning well. I also made a purchase from Hotel Chocolat and should get some cashback for that - yummy! I have drawn more money out of my Goodleads Only account this month. They are offering some great prizes this month to the person who earns the most, signs up to the most offers and signs up the most referrals. At the moment I am at 5th place in the referrals competition - so please wish me luck! If you would like to help me in the competition then please register with the site - you don't even have to do anything after that, thank you so much. But you will get paid just for validating your registration - so it could be well worth your while. My total money earned is now £8.85.

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