Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I have been paid by Berrymails

I thought I would report that I have received payment from the site Berrymails. It is a pay to read email site. You get sent more and more emails if you search on the search engines which appear when you click the links in the email. I do get loads of emails from them and they are all worth either 1c (with a 25 second timer) and 0.5c with no timer. Having received about 80 mails a day I probably earn about 50c a day, which I felt was pretty good. If you do not search in the search engines when you get the emails you will not receive as many. The minimum payout is $2. I have also joined another pay to read site. It is good in the sense that you can opt not to have the emails sent to you but kept within your account on that particular website. This prevents your inbox getting so full up. I only joined it a while ago but if you want to check it out it

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