Thursday, March 08, 2007

I have Invested in Some Advertising

I decide that with the winnings from my bet I would pay for some advertising to try to get more referrals to sign up to the sites that I am earning money from. I decided to buy the advertising from rns-topfuel as I am earning well from them and thought it was time to give something back. I paid to advertise in their pay to click section and for each person that signs up they will get 25c. I paid for 50 referrals so it cost me £7.18 altogether. My next dilemma was which site to advertise. I firstly thought that it would be good to go with Good Leads Only as they currently are running a competition for the person who signs up the most referrals. I am in third place and feel that it would not be worth spending the money to try to get a higher place as the top two places are so far ahead. Also someone else is advertising them on the site. I therefore decided to go for MyLot. So far I have 9 referrals. One is very active and earns me about 20c a day. Two are slightly active and earn me a few cents a week. I figured that if I got 50 people signing up and 10% were active I could get 5 useful referrals and may do pretty well out of it. I will keep you posted. Income so far £20.85 - Investments £19.18 = Total £1.67

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