Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It was a 16-1 winner!

The 3.15 at Cheltenham was a great gamble for me. Not only did Quidco.com track by bet and deposit £30.30 in my account, I also did rather well. I used the £20 that Coral gave me for depositing £10 in my new account. There were 10 horses so I put £2 on each horse. The winner was 16-1 and Coral paid me back £30. I was expecting to get £32 plus my £2 stake but I assume that Coral took some admin fees. Still I am still up £20 and have another bet to run where I will definately win something and have the money from Quidco.com too. I just feel the need to warn people about gambling. I am gambling as I know I cannot lose because Quidco.com give me the same or more money back. I know that I will not gamble any more money with Coral after this as I am not normally a gambler. Make sure that you only have a go at gambling if you are sure that it will not lead you to wasting lots of money. Have fun!

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