Thursday, March 08, 2007

Making Money from your Blog

I notice that more and more people are getting blogs and are trying to make money from them. I do not blame them - I am doing it too!! I thought that it might be useful to give some of my experiences of how to earn well. Firstly choose an advertiser whose adverts you want to display on your blog. I chose Google Adsense because I was already using it on some of my other websites. They minimum payout amount is $100 which is rather high and that is really the only disadvantage. I think it is great to go with a reputable company who advertisers will want to use. I have not yet been paid by them but when I reached $50 they asked me to verify my account so that I would be ready to be paid. I confirmed by phone number using their automated system and they sent me a PIN to type in. It was all very easy. The only warning I woudl give is that if you click on the adverts on your own site or use a system, bot or friend to do it for you they will find out and close your account and you will lose any money you have earned. With Google adsense the layout of the ads and the positioning as well as the colour is very important. This will really be determined by the style of your blog / website. I have been experimenting with different things and find my current layout is working for me, but it is good to always experiment and see how many click throughs you are getting. Once you have advertising on the site you need to get traffic to it. There are lots of ways of doing this. Sign up with search engines, advertise on free classifieds (if appropriate), use the url as your signature in your email. There are also some forums where you can advertise website but you have to be careful as this is not always allowed. Link exchanges can be very worthwhile - it not only gets the person you are linking to, to look at your site they may also bring traffic to your site. Also Google likes it when a site has lots of links to it. It is also useful to submit your site to and similar sites so that it gets publicity. There is a new website called our web review which reviews blogs. It could be worth emailing them to ask for a review. It is important to keep your site up to date - writing at least 2 new articles a week. This will keep your search engine ranking high and also make your reviews better. If you have an account with Google you can sign up for google analytics and google webtools these are very useful. Google Analytics gives you useful statistics for your website such a unique visitors per day and also tells you how your visitors found you - whether it was through a link, search engine or they just typed in the web address. This is extremely useful as it lets you know how well your marketing campaign is doing.

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