Friday, March 23, 2007

More Money from mediadollarz

Mediadollarz is turning out to be a fantastic earner for me. I have made over £23 so far this month, partly due to my affiliates making a £10 for me and partly signing up for some offers myself. At the moment there are some sites where you can sign up for 24 hour trials which cost between $1 and $5.95. Mediadollarz pays $15 cashback plus some media points (which can be traded for ipods and other prizes). I am very careful to sign up and make sure I receive the email confirmation that I have done so. Then, once I have had a look at the website, I cancel my membership before I forget - as they start billing for a montsh membership 24 hours from when you started your 1 day trial. Obviously if you like the site you may want to continue your membership, I found some of them pretty interesting. If you do not want to pay for cashback offers you can always just sign up to some of the free offers they have. I made $10 by doing this when I first joined plus the $2.50 for verifying my membership. Remember you can withdraw any amount at anytime into paypal or eGold. It is also looking like I may get third place in the referrals competition. So thank you so much to any readers who signed up under my referral - I really appreciate it, as well as the income that you have generated for me. THANK YOU.

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matt608 said...

its great that you have made money with MediaDollarz, I wrote a couple of reviews of them on my website, let me know if you think I have been fair.