Saturday, March 10, 2007

More Payments from GoodLeads Only

I have drawn yet more money out of Goodleads Only. I am just finding that promoting the site on this blog a few forums that I have got enough referrals to keep me earning without having to do anything on the site myself. At this time I have 107 level one referrals and I get 15% of everything they earn. I have 83 level two referrals and get 3% of anything they earn and I have 43 level three referrals and get 2% of anything they earn. The referral contest is really helping me as some of my level one referrals are working really hard to get referrals and are in the top ten in the competition. This means that I am benefiting from their hard work as I get a small percentage of their earnings. At the moment I am fourth in the competition but am really hoping to come third. I am considering advertising but I need some more money to invest first. In summary I have withdrawn about $25 and $11 of that was earned from my referrals and $2.50 I earned just from signing up. If you would like to sign up please click here.

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