Wednesday, March 14, 2007

News of my Advertising

You may remember that I paid for advertising through I paid for 25 signups to MyLot as it is one of my best earners. Overnight I had acknowledgement of my payment and I also had 35 new referrals to MyLot. As I only had 10 before in the 2 months that I have been a member I assume that they all signed up as a result of the advert. Unfortunately it looks like none of them are active at the moment but I hope that they will be soon. I had only paid $7.95 so even if just one of them is active for a few months I will make my money back. Fingers crossed....! I decided that as this was so sucessful I would buy some more advertising for mediadollarz. This would help me secure 3rd place in the referrals contest which has a prize of $15 and would hopefully get me some money from their activity too. As there is no minimum payout amount, I have found that most of my referrals have signed up to a few sites and made some money. I decided to pay for 50 signups at $49.95. It should save me some time as well as I have been heavily promoting the site myself trying to get signups and I can spend my time earning on MyLot. All this spending means that I now have a very low balance : Total earned £82.96 - Total Invested £81.39 = Total £1.58

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Akuseru said...

I signed up under you on Hopefully that shows up properly so you can get credited for that. Looks like a great option--I like the fact that they allow targetted signups a lot.

I was going to sign up for mediadollarz, too... then I realized that I already signed up under you when it was GoodLeadsOnly! lol

Good luck with those investments!