Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pay to Click Emails

I have signed up to several pay to click email accounts. When you sign up you get sent emails each day. There is a link in the email which you need to click. Depending on the type of email you have to do different things. For some you just have to look at the website for a certain amount of time and then you get paid. For ithers there is no time limit but I have found that if you are more active i.e. clicking links on the page that comes up and repeating this several times, then you get sent more emails. I have signed up to the following companies: Adpaid who send about 6 emails a day which pay altogether about 5 cents. They are very easy as you just need to view the page for 30 seconds so you can easily do something else while you are waiting if the website is not of interest. They have a pay to click section on their website which can earn a little more money too. They usually pay 1/3 cent per click through. They have a minimum payout of $3. Berrymails tends to send various emails. Some have a timer on and some do not. The amount of emails I receive from them varies quite considerably. They do encourage you to be active on the websites they link to and I do find that how active I am does seem to link to how many emails I receive from them. They have a pay to click section but there is not often many adverts to click. They have a minimum payout of $3. rns-topfuel tend to send links to search engines which they encourage you to use. They do need to have several click throughs. I find this is not too time consuming and I do tend to get at least 30 emails a day from them (which has iincreased since I realised the need to use the search engines). They pay roughly 0.5-1 cent per email. they also have sections on their website where you can get paid to click, search, surf and signup which can be a great way to supplement earnings. They have a minimum payout of $8. I have signed up to very recently. As far as I can tell you need to be active to get lots of emails - so you need to do searches when you are sent search engine websites to view. You get credited with some money in your account for signing up and so far I have been paid $0.01 per email but have only receive 6 per day (but have not been that active). The minimum payout is just $1.

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