Friday, March 16, 2007

Success with Buying Affiliates

When I paid for my affiliates for MyLot I was rather impressed by the speed that I got my signups and also that I got given 35 rather than the 25 I had paid for. I posted on MyLot telling other members that I had got these affiliates but to warn them that none of them were active so that this was probably not a good way to get affiliates. However, I got a massive response to my post and lots of people wanted to know where I had purchased the affiliates from. Within a few hours of telling those who were interested that it was from I had signed up 8 affiliates and 4 had purchased earning me a small amount of commission. I was astounded as I had no intension of making any money from my post apart from the money that MyLot pay for posting anyway. It just shows that conventional advertising methods are not always the best!

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