Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Complete no brainer?

I saw an opportunity that I just had to take advantage of. Freeshares are offering $0.30 per referral that you can sign up. Buyrefs will sell you referrals at $0.20 each. It almost seemed to simple but I did it and have bought $99.95 worth of referrals (thats 500 international sign-ups). Freeshares also pay you some money each day for the amount of shares you hold and you get one share per referral. This means that it may be worth keeping my money invested with them for a while. This is obviously slightly risky in case the company shuts down (which I have no reason to believe it will). As a low risk taker I may draw out my investment and leave the profit in there and see what happens. Or maybe i should leave it all in there for a while. What do you think? I woudl be interested to know of anyones expereinces with using Freeshares.


1dollar said...

I signed up with Freeshares but as soon as I found out they are linked to email pays u I cancelled my account.

Emailpaysu (same horrible site design) ripped me off and I'm not gonna join any other projects by them.

It was an interesting concept maybe I'll start something like it myself.

About how can they garantee referrals??? I mean it's good to have referrals but what if they stay inactive? I can't believe it will work, do you have more info on this?

Rachel said...

Buyrefs cannot guarantee that the referrals will be active. However, as this site pays a fee per referral whether they are active or not I thought it was very worthwhile. I have bought referrals from them before and on some sites I have found them to be very inactive and on other sites a percentage of them were active. It all depends on whether you want to take the risk.

JonEboy said...

Hi Rachel,
It looks an interesting way to make a quick $0.10 per sign up.
So for your invetment of $99 you should get 500 referals you should make $50 (minus any charge for referal).
Although I couldn't see on the site where it says that you get $0.30 per sign up. I'll take your word for it.

Good find

Rachel said...

It is a bit complicated but they give you one share per referral. Then you can trade in 30 shares for $10. Which works out at $0.30 per referral. You also get 10% of anything that referral makes and a percentage of the advertising revenue made on the site each day (the more referrals you have the more you get awarded). So if you do not trade in the shares you stand to make more money. I hop ethis makes ita bit clearer!