Sunday, April 29, 2007

How are my Investments doing?

It seems a good time to analyse whether my investments have been paying off. I invested a lot of my earnings in buying referrals. Some of them have not become active and were therefore a waste of money and some have become active. The best investment I made was with buying referrals from Buyrefsfor the website Mediadollarz. I spent about £28 on advertising and have so far earned £25 from my referrals and also came third in the referral competition for which I received £7.50. Not exactly a massive profit but hopefully I will contnue to earn from my referrals. As a conclusion I can only say that buying referrals was probably not a good investment.

the best investment I probably made was in gambling. I spent £60 on gambling and won £51. This may sound like a loss and yes it was! However, i earned cashback from a site called Quidco and although I have not been paid yet, I should make about £190. That is a pretty good return on my £9 even though it will take a few more months before I get it.

I have also joined a new invstment project that a friend of mne has set up. She has got together a group of investors and is investing in FOREX, somethingw hich I know nothing about. I have invested $40 and have received $2 return in 2 weeks, pretty good going so far.

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