Friday, April 13, 2007

Increasing traffic to your blog

I am sure that most bloggers know that posting on forums can increase blog traffic. However i had no idea what a massive difference it might make. This article has been written about this with a graph showing the actual change in traffic. Anyone looking for an increase in traffic should take a look, it is very interesting. A few days ago I also submitted articles to 3 websites. These all included a link to the relevant website. the one website saw an increase in traffic and one purchase (I normally have a purchase a day anyway from this website). However, the other articles were on podee bottles and included a link to my website. I had 3 orders for bottles and I have not sold any for about a month and i saw a small increase in traffic to the website. I am sure that this was not a coincidence.


Vicky Partner said...

Hi, just seen your comment over on my Blog. I will deffo comment in a more fuller and proper way next time, yet as you probably gathered the Blog is very new and I want to get things such as Adsense sorted first on it as I intend the Blog to evolve into more than just that for the doubling method. Right now it's not quite there yet.

Actually I'm quite chuffed it's getting picked up on without me having had to do anything other than making sure I name it well so search finds it!

Feel free to add my link to your page though. the more the merrier.

Watch this space.

star500k said...

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SYNERGY said...

I will be coming back here for more info! My blog is new and need to increase my traffic and encourage people to leave comments. Don't yet know much about the whole making money thing.

Thanks for your vote!

Rachel said...

Just to respond to the comment about why I dont use Bloggerwave or Payperpost. Bloggerwave will not allow blogs that use google Adsense on them. Payperpost needs the blog to be more than 90 days old and mine isn't that old yet. Thanks for the tip though.