Friday, April 20, 2007

How to get Referrals

There is certainly a lot of money to be made online through money making websites. However, you can earn a lot more if you have referrals which are also working to make you money. The problem is that it is not always that easy to get referrals. Or of you get referrals they are not always that active. I have therefore decided to list a few ways of getting referrals and the advantages and disadvantages of the method.

Signing up friends and family - I have found this to be the best way to get referrals. Most friends and family are happy to do something that will help you out and if it makes bth them and you money they are likley to sign up. The problem that I have found is that I am member of so many sites that they are now sick of me asking them to sign up and they do not have as much time to be active on sites as I do.

Buying referrals - it is possible to buy referrals from a number of different websites. The problem with that is the website will offer its members some money if they sign-up. they will therefore just signup for the money and have no incentive to be active. If you know you will get paid for each referral then this is well worth doing if you can find a company that charges less than you get paid. However, if you only get paid a percentage of the money that they earn it is a gamble.Places I have sucessfully bought referrals from :

Buyrefs - $7.95 for 25 signups
rns-topsfuel - from $0.60 for 10 signups
My Freeshares - $25 for 50 signups

Advertising on Forums - There are a lot of forums on the Internet. Many do not like advertising but some will allow a little in moderation. It is important not to spam forums as not only will it annoy the users and will not help to gain any sign-ups but it is likely that you will be banned from the forum. This can be a good way of getting signups but you do need to be careful. A great website for promoting is Mylot

Promoting using a website or blog - This is obviously what I am doing on myblog. There are a lot of other people doing it too so it is important to try to stand out from the others. make sure you keep the site up to date and inform the readers of your recent payments and activity.

Promoting using email - Everytime you send an email make sure that you promote a website in your signature. This is especially good if you have a website or blog promoting your sites.


kaka said...

Many of my friends do not believe in making money online thingy, so I will not ask them to sign up any sites, unless I know they like it. But my problem is that, eventhough my friends sign up, they are not active at all. They are just not so keen in these activities.

I don't have any active referral so far. :p

Anyway, thanks for sharing the tips. ^_^

Anonymous said...

What kaka, has just said, is the experience of mine. Though i like to earn through online from these affliates and referrals, I still have a hunch at the back of mind how far it is a worth time spending activity, when compared with the results reaped.

By saivenkat