Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I have discovered a great new website

Thanks to one of my friends on MyLot I have discovered a great new website called Freeshares. This site pays in shares and each day pays members a certain amount of money for each share that they hold. When you join you get one share and you get one share for each referral. You can click links and signup to websites to earn more shares and/or cash. You can trade your shares in for cash once you have the minimum amount. You can also use the site to buy advertising. I have used it to buy 50 signups to Mediadollarz. I found buying referrals very useful for this site in the past but used Buyrefs which was very good and actually gave me more signups than I paid for. However, this site is cheaper so I thought I would try it out. You also get awarded shares for each advertising purchase you make, so I figured I woudl get something out of it!

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