Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I have just received a payment from Berrymails

I have just received a $2 payment from Berrymails. iknow it isn't very much but it all adds to my fund which is at the moment (after massive advertising expenditure) £11.21. Altogether I have earned £212.57 and spent £201.37 but am expecting to get quite a bit back this month - hopefully at least £100.

I am wondering whether the spend some on Premium bonds and they are having 5 million pound draws in July. However, you need to invest £100 by the end of this month to guarantee entry in the draw so I may not have enough. I bought £100 worth of bonds for each of my sons when they were born in August 2005 and they have not won anything yet so perhaps this isn't the best investment option. I used to have a few thousand invested but didn't win very often and only the minimum prize. I do think that you really need to have £20,000 in there to guarantee decent prizes.


Adventures In Money Making said...

i don't know what these bonds are, but they sound like the lottery.

playing the lottery is not a statistically proven way to make money, in fact quite the opposite.

Rachel said...

You ae right - Premium bonds are rather lik ethe lottery - with one main difference - you cannot lose the money you have invested. This makes them a much lower risk than the lottery.