Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Top Ten Money Making Websites

I realise that my blog is full of information and it could benefit from a rating system for the websites I am using to earn money. I have included my average daily earnings - this does NOT include any earnings from referrals/affiliates. So here goes:



Google Adsense - this is a way of earning money by having banner and text link advertisements on your blog/website. Everytime someone clicks through an advert you get paid.
Advantages - once you set it up there is nothing else to do
Disadvantages - payment can be low and it isn't easy to set up the adverts well to get good revenue. Very high minimum payout amount of $100.
I earn about $1 a day from this site (have 5 websites linked to the account)


Wordlinx - a pay to click website, just log in and click the banner ads.
Advantages - easy
Disadvantages - payment is quite low and sometimes there are no adverts to click. High minimum payout amount of $10.
I earn about $0.02 per day from this site


International Offers - Site where you get paid by registering with websites and also get paid to click on banner ads. Small minimum payout amount of $1 which you can withdraw at anytime into Paypal.
Advantages - can return each day and there will be new banner ads to click.
Disadvantages - There are not that many sites to sign up with.
I earn about $0.01 per day from this site (but earned $2 in my first day as I signed up to all the relevant websites that I could).


Berrymails - a paid to read email site. The emails contain links to search engines which you are expected to search in. If you do not search you will not receive so many emails from them.
Advantages - Get on average 60 emails a day which means there is a lot of earning potential.
Disadvantages - Time consuming there is a 25 second timer on each $0.005 email.
I earn about $0.30 per day from this site.


A Pair Of - A pay to read email site. I get sent about 15 emails a day. Some are worth $0.01 and have a 45 second timer. Others are worth $0.005 and have no timer. They have a low minimum payout amount of $2.
Advantages - this is a good Pay to read email site if you do not want to spend too much time per day doing it and you inbox does not get littered with emails. Disadvantages - The 45 seconds needed to read each mail is too long.
I earn about $0.10 per day from this site


Buyrefs - This is a site where you can buy traffic and sign-ups to your site. They respond to emails very quickly and deliver your sign-ups very quickly. They also have an affiliate scheme where you can earn 10% of anything your referrals spend. You can withdraw this at anytime.
Advantages - Competitive prices and very efficient
Disadvantages - none
I have earnt $8 commission in 2 months on this site


Mylot - This is a forum which pays you to start and contribute to discussions and for uploading pictures. You also earn 25% of anything your referrals earn. Pays out once a month (Paypal, eGold) if reach the $10 minimum.

Advantages - Pays well if you work hard
Disadvantages - Hard to get active referrals as you have to work hard to reach the minimum payout amount
I earn about $0.25 per day on this site


Mediadollarz - This site pays you to register with websites. Some you have to pay to join and others are free. Some of the pay to join give you more cashback through Mediadollarz than you have to pay. There is no minimum withdrawal amount and they pay out each day into Paypal. They have a three level referral scheme paying 15%, 3%, 2%.

Advantages - Has new offers fairly often so it is worth popping back to check
Disadvantages - Is only available to UK, USA, CA, AU & NL
I have earnt over $50 on this site (plus a further $50 from my referrals)


Rns-topfuel - This is a paid to read email site. The emails contain links to search engines which you are expected to search in. This sends out about 50-70 emails to active users and pays $0.01 per email. There are also options to earn extra money on the website by clicking banner ads, surfing the net and signing up to websites. They pay out once a month and there is a minimum withdrawal amount of $8, which is easy to earn if you are an active user.
Advantages - One of the best paying pay to read email websites I know about
Disadvantages - Time consuming
I earn about $0.70 per day on this site


Quidco - this is a site which gives you cashback. You can earn it by clicking links on the page when you are shopping at sites online. You can also earn money by registering on websites and even by searching on sites such as kelkoo. I have earned a lot of money by signing up to gambling sites and opening accounts with £10 and being paid between £10 and £30 for opening the account. They payout once a month (no minimum) after they have removed their £5 fee (this is a one off fee).
Advantages - Can get cashback on online shopping
Disadvantages - Can take up to 3 months to pay out and no referral scheme.
I earn about £0.26 ($0.52) per day on this site plus have earned over £150 by registering with websites.

I hope that this was useful to you. I did want to mention a few other sites which I think are worth joining. Neither have paid me yet so I cannot put them in my top ten. Wealth Toolbox is a site which invests money on your behalf. You do not have to invest anything and they say they will pay out 2 years after you opened the account. Fummo is in pre launch and is offering $5 per referral that you sign up. They say that they will payout on 20th May when the site is launched. Once launched there will be opportunities to earn money doing things such a surfing the web and registering with websites.

I also earn money by doing surveys but as I do not get them very often they did not quite make my top ten. YouGov pays about 50p per survey but has a minimum payout amount of £50. Ciao pays different amounts for each survey and has a minimum payout amount of £5. You can also earn on the website by writing reviews.


Liudmila said...

Thank you for this info.It was interesting for me to know if somebody pays on thw web.I worked very hard for some months with pay per e-mails but there was nobody who paid me.Have to try with some of those you weite here.

Daniel McLean said...

Interesting post i'll have a look at some of these closer. Would automation get you banned?

Rachel said...

I definately think that sutomation would get you banned, yes.