Monday, April 16, 2007

Two New Ways to Earn Money

Yesterday I was looking for new opportunities to earn money and came across two sites.

The first is called Global cash Clicks. It is basically a pay to signup site so you can earn various amounts of money to sign up to offers. You can also earn small amounts of money by clicking on banners. It has a small minimum payout amount of $1 and pays into paypal and egold.

The second is a UK site called Archerfish. It only accepts members from UK and Ireland. Therefore the advertising is all from UK companies, which to me makes it far more fun. You can earn money by clicking on classified ads, banners etc and there is even a competition on some banner ads so one person in every 10 clicks is chosen for a small cash prize (added to their cash balance). I joined up and clicked everything that I could and won a prize - on the first day I joined - was great! This pays by Paypal, amazon giftcard or cheque and the minimum withdrawal amount is £3.


Online Story said...

Hey Rachel, thought I'd stop by your blog and say what a great job you are dong here. I love how you list your "affiliate opportunities, espcially the top 10 money making websites. Alot of bloggers done list advantages and disadvantages. Good work!

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