Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Earn from putting banners on your website

I have found this great website where you get paid for displaying banners on your website. The site is called Bucks4Banners. What you do is give then 3 different pages of your website that you want to disply their banners on. They will take a look and decide if they approve the site (they approved my site http://www.podeebottles.co.uk within 5 minutes). For displaying banners on 3 pages of your site for a month you receive $5 in Amazon vouchers or by Paypal. I have calculated that this will easily pay the fees for my domain name for a year and give me some profit leftover. You also receive $10 for joining up (once the banners are displayed) and $10 per referral that signs up and uses the site.

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stratz said...

hey I signed up thoughyor lin.. still waiting to hear back from them... would be nice to get it.