Friday, May 25, 2007

Easy Online Invoicing

For any small business that needs online invoicing Simplify This is an online invoicing and payment product worth looking at. The thing that appeals to me is how simple and easy to use it looks. Just look at the screen shot below and you can instantly see what I mean:

It allows you to send invoices by email which means that you will hopefully get paid quicker. It also accepts online payments which keeps everything simple and stream lined. It will send out one-off and also regular invoices automatically. It will track payments for you and is customisable to your business.

It is specifically designed for the small business owner that perhaps finds accounting software complicated and difficult to manage or whats and easier invoicing solution. There are a few examples of people who have used the software on the website which includes a landscape gardener. This shows that it is a great solution for even the smallest business. At the moment Simplify This is offering the software only as free trial as it is currently a beta version of the software. So if you are looking for a new online invoicing and payment solution or forever chasing payments this could be well worth a look.

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