Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fummo - I think it has potential

When Fummo first pre-launched it was advertising $5 per referral. This was a fantastic offer, however many people did not read the small print, that the referra had to complete at least one offer in order fo ryou to get paid. This was fair enough - there was no way they could afford to pay out $5 for every referral otherwise!

Now the site has launched I have a few offers available to me. Most of them have a large amount of cashback and Fummo emailed me today to explain how to take advantage of a freetrail offer which costs just $0.01 and offers cashback of $70. The catch? Well you have to subscribe to a web hosting wervice which starts taking monthly payments after 30 days. If I wanted a host for my website this would certainly be a great offer but I can easily cancel before the 30 days are up and still get the $70 - if I forget to cancel it is still only $29.95 for the first month so I woudl still make $40.01. I decided it was worth a try and have signed up.

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