Saturday, May 05, 2007

I am Going to Delay Some Withdrawals

I have decided that I will stop drawing out my earnings as soon as I reach minimum payout level. Some companies pay out using Paypal's mass payment option and therefore they pay a small charge for sending the payment and I do not get charged for receiving it. For those companies I will continue to withdraw money whenever I reach the minimum payout level. For companies that I do get charged for, I will now wait and withdraw just once a month - probably on the 25th, so that I will receive payments by month end and include them in my summary statistics, but I will avoid paying so much to Paypal.


stratz said...

Ahh thats a good idea and good advice. I will remember that for next time I ask for a min withdraw

Ginene said...

I have never done a withdrawal from Paypal yet since I am a new user. How much are the fees?

Rachel said...

Paypal charge you when you receive payments into your account if you are a premier of Business account holder. What they charge can vary but it is a fixed amount plus a percentage. This can make quite a lot of difference - For example if I get paid $1 I get charged $0.33. To make withdrawals from Paypal is free as long as you withdraw more than theor specified minimum which is the UK is £50.