Monday, May 21, 2007

I have been paid today!

I decided at the beginning of the month that I wouldn't cash out each program I am with when I reached the minimum payout level as I get a lot of Paypal charges. i decided that it would be better to cash out once a month. I therefore cashed out on the 20th and have now been paid by A pair of, Berrymails, Buy refs, and International offers.

I haven't made a great deal of money this month and have invested most of it in gambling sites (making sure, of course that it is through my cashback sites so that I get at least the same money back than I gambled). Hopefully I will get the $10 I cashed out of Adbux soon too!

I am hoping to do better next month as I am expecting payouts of £30 from Free Fivers, £54 from Quidco, $12 from Clixsense, £15 from Bucks4banners, $10 from USA Clicks, as well as my normal $10+ from MyLot and Rns Topfuel.


stratz said...

Well your earning in pounds is still more then my dollars so thats more then twice as much as me. But it all ads up so that is what matters.

JonEboy said...

Keep it up - you are doing very well.

I see you are now getting plenty of sponsored posts which means the money will keep rolling in