Saturday, May 05, 2007

I have Upgraded my Clixsense Account

Clixsense is a site where you get viewed for viewing advertisements. It is rather like Adbux but some advertisements pay a lot more money than Adbux and none pay less and I find that I tend to get more per day. There is an option to upgrade which costs just $10 a year. I upgraded and immediately got an extra 350 adverts to click. Each day I tend to get twice as much as I would have done had I not upgraded. I feel that I will make back my money in just a few months and it was certainly well worth the investment. I would highly recommend this site - I am sure that I will easily make the $10 minimum payout amount each month as long as I go into the site each day and click the available adverts.

There is now an option to upgrade Adbux as well. This costs $20 and allows you to be paid an extra half a cent per advert viewed both for the adverts you click and the ones your referrals click. I think that this will also be well worth the investment especially if you have lots of referrals. They do not start paying the extra money until June so you have quite a while to think about this one.

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