Thursday, May 24, 2007

I need referrals - please help

I need some referrals for Mediadollarz. They are running a referral competition and I am very close to being in the top ten and winning a monetary prize. If you sign up to Mediadollarz, I will be more than willing to sign up to something for you, if I am not already a member.

Mediadollarz is a great site, they pay you $2.50 just for joining and you can earn money by registering with websites - many of which are free to join. They pay by egold and Paypal and you can withdraw any amount of money at anytime and I have made 24 sucessful withdrawals adding up to over $120. It is well worth taking a look. Thank you.


JonEboy said...


I've joined mediadollarz through your link.
Can you join Money back Madness. through my site please.


Xinfinitum said...

Hi Rachel,

I will try to sign up as a referral for you today.


Author/Creator of
Double To A Million Plan
My One Million Friends

Rachel said...

Thank you so much.