Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Is it worth getting referrals for PTS sites?

During march and April I concentrated on getting referrals for one of my favourite 'pay to signup' sites Mediadollarz. I was really pleased with the amount of income that i received from my referrals and for the money that I won in their competitions for the members that had the most referrals. However, this month I have not been trying so hard to get new referrals and I have noticed that my referral income on the site is very much lower.

I wonder whether on this type of site, if people sign-up and look around and sign-up for a few offers, get paid and do not return. New offers are not added to the site that often so after a while people probably stop bothering to go back and look for them and earnings trail off.

However 'pay to click' sites usually have new banners/links to click on a daily basis. So is it more likely that referrals will stick with the sites for longer? The earnings per referral are much lower on this type of site as even with Adbux who pay 100% of what your referrals make, this is only 1 cent per click. This means that it takes a lot longer to make money than on a 'pay to signup' site where each offer tends to be at least 10 cents and can be as much as $60.

It would be interesting to know what peoples experiences are of this. I may need to do an experiment and pay for referrals for both types of sites and calculate over a few months which is making the most money.

I have started a post on MyLot to find out what other people are finding is making the most money for them. If you would like to take a look please click here.


markmeljenmatt said...

I have had a good experience with PTC, PTR, PTS, and survey sites.

For one program in particular, my first day, I earned around 25-cents, but it has grown to dollars daily now with my exploding referral base. My uplines are earning almost $10/day with it.

meleah rebeccah said...

its nice to see some one researching this and not just slaping up ads in hopes of clicks and a supposed windfall!