Thursday, May 17, 2007

Make lots of Money From Cash Back Sites

Cash back sites are a great opportunity to make money on online purchases whic you would normally pay full-price for. For example yesterday I bought some things from Marks and Spencers and LaSenza and got about £2.50 cashback from each. Now I know that isn't a fortune but it is £2.50 I would not have had otherwise. I use two sites. The first (and in my opinion the best) is called Quidco. It offers an extremely high percentage as they pass on all of the cashback to you and take no percentage for themselves. They do however take a fee. This is £5 and they take it from your first £5 earnings (I think that take it each year). They pay you monthly with no minimum amount. I have been paid over £11, but that was just my first month. I am due to get over £40 next month and over £50 the following month. They pay by Paypal or BACS. (There can be some delay in payments as they wait until the retailer has been paid before they pay you). The second site is called free fivers. They do not charge you but they have a minimum payout of £25 and pay every month. The percentage of cashback they offer is lower because they take a small cut but they do have a larger range of retailers. They pay by paypal or cheque and payout once a month too. They gave me a bonus for joining and they also give you £5 for each referral that makes the minimum withdrawal amount. They also have a points system which you can use to trade in for electrical items such a TV's etc. Another good thing about both of these sites is that some of the retailers pay you just for visiting the site. This means that you can earn a little bit each day. It is not that much money maybe between 4p and 10p but it means you can get a little extra money with a relatively small amount of effort (beats viewing 8, 30 second adverts!)

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