Friday, May 25, 2007

MoneyBack Madness

I recently discovered a new cashback website. I now use three of these. Now it may seem odd that I use so many as it means that I am less likley to reach minimum payout if I spread myself between different companies. However, they do differ slightly in that sometimes a certain retailer will only appear on one of the three sites. Also they all have sites where you can click every day and earn a small amount of money. Although it is not a fortune - I am all for making small amounts as it can add up and also help you to reach the minimum payout amount each month.

The new website I have found is called Moneyback Madness and its main advantage over the other sites I use is that it gives you £10 for joining up and £10 per friend who joins and makes their first payout. But they do have a high minimum payout amount of £35. I can earn about 15p each day.

In second place I would put Free Fivers. I can usually earn about 12p a day here, the minimum payout is only £25 but you only get £5 for joining and £5 per friend you refer who reaches minimum payout.

My favourite cashback site is still Quidco. There is no referral scheme and they charge a yearly admin fee of £5 (which comes out of your ernings - you do not have to pay it up front). This means that they pass on all of the cashback to you rather than taking a percentage for themselves. I can earn about 28p a day on this site.

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