Friday, May 25, 2007

Pay to Click

There are so many pay to click sites suddenly appearing it is so hard to know which ones to sign up for. I think that this is probably due to fact that when Adbux first came along offering members 100% of any income their referrals made. I too joined and have been paid by them, but I am not sure whether I would say this was the best site to join. Although it does seem tempting as it pays 1 cent per click plus 100% of anything the referrals make, it does not have that many clicks per day. I find that I make just as much money per day on Clixsense and I do not get paid for my referrals in the same way. Clixsense pay when referrals upgrade rather than a percentage of the money that they earn from clicks. Because they have more adverts per day and sometimes pay more than 1 cent per click, I earn as much as myself and 3 active referrals can earn on Adbux. The point that I am making is that you need to decide whether you think you are capable of getting referrals when you make your decision as to which to sign up with.

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