Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Wordlinx is a pay to click site. I was a member before PTC became really popular (which seemed to come about with the launch of Adbux). I was actually considering stopping using and promoting the site as there mever seemed to be new opportunities to click when I logged in. However, lately that has changed. Everyday when I log in there seems to be some more adverts to click.

Wordlinx pays between five cents and one sent per advert which you have to view for twenty seconds. They pay into Paypal when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount of $10. I have not yet reached this minimum but am getting a lot closer lately since there have been more opportunities for clicking. I have also used them for advertising and found that they delivered the advert in a timely manner. I was using several diferent methods for advertising at the time so am not sure how well it worked.

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