Saturday, June 23, 2007

Adbux Adverts

Do you get annoyed that you keep missing the adverts on Adbux? because there are so many members of the site and some of the adverts only have 100 hits, they disappear extremely quickly. A good way to increase your chances of being paid for these adverts is to have lots of referrals. If you miss the adverts, chances are that one of your referrals my have managed to click a few of them. This is especially useful if you, like me, are not based in the USA. The time difference can be a nusience as quite a few adverts seem to go live during the night, but by the look of my statistics, some of my referrals are around during the night and are clicking!


H said...

Hi, I have signed up to Adbux using your referral. 3 cents already!

Rachel said...

Thank you so much - every click is appreciated.