Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Adbux developments

I thought that I would just update those of you who do not use the Adbux forum what the latest developments are. The Adbux admin has posted this message:

I've been staying really busy during the week (even the weekends) finishing up the messenger service for premium users and the new advertising program (which is going to ROCK!).

Premium members will also see a new feature coming after the messenger launches that will alert them of new ads by playing a sound (will also have the option of a soundless alert). This will help those who have invested into AdBux, get more money from AdBux by being notified when new ads are added.

I often browse the forums to read some of the posts and I see a few about people complaining of the lack of ads. Well, there really isn't a lack of ads, it's just a lack of time the ads are remaining active. For instance, a month ago, a 500 visit ad would last 5-10 minutes. Now, a 500 visit ad is lucky to stay active for 1 minute. This is because of the huge amount of users that are online at any given time which is 2,500-3,000 on average. Yesterday, we had a record of 52 new ads come through for a total of 55 ads (3 that were already there). With the deliverance of the messenger service, the new ad program and the alert feature, users will be able to maximize their earning potential on even the short lived ads.

Expect to see some really fun referral contests coming, increased ads with the new ad program, other incentive opportunities and more. You also may start noticing the layout, colors, images, descriptions, help & support and other items throughout the website and program change as we try to ween our way out of the GPT industry and more into the secular, main stream marketing world where we hope to compete with other big advertising programs on the net.

By the way, the total of 55 ads from yesterday generated 14,000 clicks (approx $420).

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