Friday, June 01, 2007


I seem to get such a thrill from Adbux. I am not sure what it is as you would not think that clicking on a link in order to view an advert for 30 seconds and earn 1 cent woudl really be exciting, but somehow it is. I think it is to do with the fact that there are not that many opportunities to click ads on Adbux. You are almost guaranteed to get about 10 a day but apart from that you have to be really quick to get others. As there are so many members the adverts do not stay live for long as the advertisers 'clicks' are used up in seconds. Therefore it is rather like a detective game trying to guess when as advert might appear and trying to click it before it expires.

June sees the launch of Adbux premium membership, where premium members get great opportunities like getting paid 1.5x for each advert they and their referrals click. They will also have access to a forum and will have other advantages over standard members. I felt it was well worth upgrading and now I am being paid 1.5x extra per click, I find I get an even greater buzz from clicking the ads!

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