Friday, June 15, 2007


I decided to buy some Adbux referrals as I really need to increase my earning potential on the iste. I have a theory that by buying referrals from Adbux (these are members who have not signed up under a referral, so Adbux sell them) that because they have signed up already they are more likely to be active, than buying referrals from a companythat offer people money to sign up. People are likley to sign up for the money and never look at the website they have signed up to again. Only time will tell whether this theory is true.

So how well have my referrals been doing? I paid $80 for 50 referrals. About 1 day since purchasing them I have made $1.80 from them. At this rate it will take me just over a month to make my money back. However, as a premium member of adbux, I will also get a bonus if any of my referrals upgrade their membership or if any of them buy referrals. Hopefully some might decide to do this and I will get a nice cash bonus.

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