Monday, June 25, 2007

Another Adbux Payment

Today I received my third payment from Adbux today. I have now earned over $30 from them. I have paid $20 to upgrade my membership, which means that I now earning more money per click and I will receive bonus payments when my referrals upgrade, buy referrals or buy advertising. I decided thatto take full advantage of this I needed more referrals, so I have bought 3 sets of referrals costing a total of $120. I am confident that I will make my money back within a few months, especailly as Adbux are soon introducing a messaging service where you can email your referrals. This means that I will be able to hopefully explain the benefits of upgrading and buying referrals to anyone who is considering it and hopefully help them out with any queries they may have about teh site in general.

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