Thursday, June 28, 2007

The best Place to Buy Referrals

Everyone seem sto be after getting referrals these days. There are companies that sell guaranteed signups and many money makingw ebsites actually sell referrals for their own sites. But which seems to be the best? I have bought guaranteed signup for many sites using Buyrefs and have found them to be useful. They are pretty cheap and so if you need referrals to win a referral competition or if a site is offering cash for each referral that signs up (such as AW Surveys which offers $1.25 per referral) then buying guaranteed signups can be great. The only problem with this is that only a small percentage tend to remain active on the site once they have joined. This is probably because the company gets people to signup by offering them a cash incentive, they sign up for this money not because they are interested in the website.

I have bought referrals from Adbux. These are people that have signed up to the website without being referred to anyone, the website then sells them. I feel that this has been much more sucessful for me. because the members have signed up out a genuine interest in the website, they are more likley to remain active. I have found that out of the 75 referrals I bought just 15 are not active. In the past I bought 35 guaranteed signups for a particlular website and none of them were active. I have been more sucessful with some of my other purchases but I still feel that the Adbux purchase was the best value for money.

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JonEboy said...

Hi Rachel.

Thats a great idea.

I wondering how to reach the minimum payout level on AW surveys.