Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Changes to Adbux

If anyone is wondering why they seem be getting less opportunities to click ads in Adbux at the moment, it is because there are some changes about to be made to the website. The advertising will soon be targeted so the advertiser can choose which members can view the advertisement according to the country that they reside in. I think that a lot of advertisers are waiting for this new system to ocme into effect before they buy more advertising on the site. I am not sure how this will effect members. I assume that members form the USA are likely to see the largest amounts of advertisements. However, as I have lots of referrals, hopefully some of them are based in the USA and so they will click those advertisements. This new system should have come into effect a few weeks ago, hopefully it will be live soon.

In addition there will soon be a feature where members can send emails to their referrals. This can be used to encourage those inactive members to become active or to thank those members that are active. This facility will only be available to premium members.

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