Friday, June 08, 2007

Discount Holidays

Looking for a discount holiday, weekend away or even a daytrip? Then the Hotel Reservations website could prove to be very useful. They list a whole range of holiday types and allow you to book online with many at discounted prices. For example if you want to book a hotel, you can just fill in the name of the city that you wish to stay in, the dates that you wish to stay, how many adults and how many rooms you require and you will be provided with a list of suitable hotels. You can sort the search results by putting the best value first or the cheapest or the best quality. Once you have selected a specific hotel you get a detailed description of the hotel and a summary of the hotels amenities. There are photographs and details of what there is to do in the area and how to get there.

You can do similar searches on the website for hiring cars and booking flights. There is even a section on holiday rentals, where you can choose a holiday apartment to stay in. You can also look through their holiday package deals. Here you can book a flight, hotel and car or flight and hotel or hotel and car or flight and car. I did a search in this section and it came up with a large amount of deals with interesting hotels and resorts. There is also an activities section. You enter in the city that you are going to be staying and a list of activities available in that area appears all with discounted prices. I searched for London and there were deals on west end show tickets, museums, tours and sightseeing trips and even some restaurants. Plus money off offers on train journeys, guidebooks, magazines and phone cards. Everything you could think off but all at discounted prices.

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